How to Use Foreplay to Please Your Woman in Bed

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You may or may not be aware, but foreplay is the perfect key to unlock a woman’s sexual passion. Performing it right will not simply make her cry and moan in pleasure but will likewise have her pleading you not to stop?

Imagine how you would feel, if you knew that you were able to have any woman under your sexual charm whenever you wanted. Well what you are about to discover is the ultimate foreplay, that will bewilder your woman with uncontrolled orgasms.

Begin with a basic massage- you’ll be able to use numerous scented oils to set the precise mood. Apply your hands to massage her lightly, be sure to avoid her vagina at the present moment. Permit her to relish the massage and develop her excitement so that she gets impatient and desires you more and more.

Look for her erotic zones. These may be her ears, lips, neck, shoulders, breast, her bottom and her thigh. You will need to expend a lot of time on all these zones whilst avoiding the vagina.

Apply your tongue to lick her everywhere while employing your hands to caress these zones equally well. Sucking on her nipples is a tried and trusted method to make her go wild and crazy and cause her to be fully stimulated.

Perform oral sex. By now she will be hot and wanting you so badly, that you will have to please her even more by applying your tongue to excite her clitoris. Exciting the clitoris is a certain way to have her attain an intense orgasm.

You may begin to make circular movements all across her body and pay close attention to what pleases her, and do it continually.

As you are able to see you need time to get to know your woman’s body. Once you are able perform all the above, she will become so excited and reach multiple orgasms time and again.

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