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In every industry, the competitive nature of companies means that they all try to out do each other on a regular basis. The immense competition in the market has resulted in great technological advances in recent years, including the longevity of the majority of consumer goods. After all, who would invest their hard earned cash in a product that was only going to last for a few years, especially if you had to go to a lot of trouble to install it in the first place! Certain products have flooded the market with boasts of longevity, comfort and stability, thus giving the consumer unparalleled choice. Enter the hugger ceiling fan!

Every manufacturer within the ceiling fan industry has tried to keep pace with its competitors in order to stay in business. Some of the most popular companies today have emerged with designs and innovations to remain in the public’s radar and affections. This has resulted in a number of companies coming out with the famous hugger ceiling fans designs that can currently be found in homes and offices all over the world.

Hugger ceiling fans are very different from other types of ceiling fan because they actually cling very closely to the ceiling. More technically and specifically, the blades are closer to the ceiling in hugger ceiling fans than in any other type on the market. This actually makes sense when you think about it because they hug the ceiling like no other. Hugger ceiling fans are therefore suitable for any type of home or office space because it does not matter how low or high the ceiling is. They work regardless.

They were initially designed for low ceilings because the blades are as far away from the floor as they can possibly be, thus giving them more clearance. There is one major disadvantage of the hugger ceiling fans though. The air circulation can actually be impeded because of the integral design of the fan itself. As the blades are extremely close to the ceiling they may actually be subjected to other factors, such as a lack of air flow. They are also supposed to be less effective and efficient.

There are safety issues with hugger ceiling fans that have led to manufacturing experts advising that they are only used where the floor is at least 8 feet below the ceiling, with a further 7 inches between the ceiling and the blades. However, the distance can be waived if hugger ceiling fans are actually installed above furniture items such as a bed or sofa as opposed to having people walk under them on a regular basis. Hugger ceiling fans give the consumer another option though and, as long as the safety recommendations are adhered to, can provide a comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy!

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